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I specialise in business numbers that give owners and managers the drive, focus and clarity for a higher Return on Investment (ROI).

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No stress, I can help!

There is no doubt that you’ve put a big sum of money, sweat and tears into your business. Your business deserves to be profitable. You deserve a bigger ROI. You deserve a Bigger Life in Business.

My name is Johan Czanik. I am a qualified Cost Accountant and Business Economist. I helped business owners for the last 25 years to achieve the Bigger Life in Business they deserve.


Cost Accounting

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About this service

Do you know the true costs of your business, your products and your services?

You might want to launch new a product, invest in marketing and tools for expansion, or you might even consider stopping production of a specific product but be hesitant to make the call.

Better Cost Accounting gives you the ability to make all these (and a whole lot more) important, strategic and accurate decisions in your business.

Better Cost Accounting results in better pricing that moves you from a price taker to a price maker.

Better Cost Accounting is a valuable tool to reduce costs and find hidden profits.

Better Cost Accounting leads to bigger profits. Period!

I can honestly say that I’ve seen first-hand how the companies I’ve been involved in became very much in tune with their costings to eventually got the edge on their competitors and increased their ROI.

Contact me today and find out how I can help with Better Cost Accounting and move you closer to a Bigger Life in Business.

Budgets & Financial Projections

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About this service

How is your business tracking? Are you reaching your sales targets? Are you going to make your planned profit this year? Is your cash flow positive and performs as it should?

Budgets and financial projections are excellent tools to answer all the questions above and more.

Doing a budget gives you the change to identify more business opportunities.

A Budget gives your business drive and focus.

A Budget provides your business with clarity. Clarity is power!

A Budget helps you to better measure your business. If you can’t measure it you can’t manage it.

Better budgeting leads to bigger profits. Period!

My experience with a variety of companies over the last 25 years showed that those businesses with thoughtful, realistic and manageable budgets became market leaders in their own unique fields with the direct result of higher ROI.

Contact me today and find out how I can help with Better Budgeting and Financial projections to move you closer to a Bigger Life in Business.

Personal Trainer: Business Finance

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About this service

Are you happy with the shape of your business? Do you have a firm grasp of your business figures? Do you feel financially fit and have enough business muscle to face any business decision or challenge coming your way? Is there excess fat in your business but don’t know how and where to start cutting?

Just as personal trainers helps people to better understand their bodies I help business owners to know their business finances very intimately.

I call it my Biztorque Challenge.

No doubt as a business owner you have unique skills and entrepreneurial spirit. Just imagine if you can combine this with  an in-depth understanding of your business numbers. This will make you the best CEO you company can possible have and pave the way for highly informed and profitable decisions giving you the edge over your competition.

To always be totally on top of your game you have to be on top of your numbers.

Contact me today and find out how the Biztorque Challenge can help you become a “gun” with numbers and move you closer to a Bigger Life in Business.

What my clients say


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We are a small manufacturing business where numbers are very important especially in a global environment. Since 2018 Johan assisted and advised our board on financial models, costing & pricing scenarios and relevant growth strategies which led to sustaining our competitive edge with profitable outcomes. His enthusiasm and commitment for his clients is to be commended
Natalie Michels (CEO) & Trevor Ferraresso (Operational Director); Coiltek Pty Ltd

Barossa Donuts

a man smiling at the owners of a donut shop
We’ve met Johan long before our business became a reality. He was always a big fan of our vision. Towards the end of 2020 we applied for a grant form SA Tourism. Johan help us diligently with a business and financial projection. His work played a pivotal part in us securing the grant. We revisit Johan’s costing model regularly as it played an integral part of our success over the last few years. Whenever Johan pops into the shop he always seems very enthusiastic about our latest developments and future endeavours.
David & Rachel Brown; Browns Barossa Donuts

Matt’s Contracting

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I’ve known Johan well before my business grew to this it’s current size. Johan guided me with my initial costing and helped me to realise how labour and machinery costs influence pricing. We still catch up regularly and his ongoing help to align my different projects with my business model is essential for the business to reach the set goals and growing the ROI.
Matthew Kazla; Founder Matt’s Contracting

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