How to Set Your Financial Goals with Budgets & Forecasts

Welcome to the second last episode of Season 1! In this episode, Johan dives into the critical topics of budgets and forecasting, rounding out our exploration of business finance fundamentals. He easily breaks down how budgets provide a financial roadmap and how forecasts help adjust your course based on real-time data. Whether you’re a business owner or just interested in finance, this episode will give you the tools and insights to plan for success. Plus, stay tuned for a sneak peek at our season finale and what’s in store for Season 2. Let’s wrap up the basics and get ready for the next stage of our financial journey!

The Mind Behind the Numbers

In this special episode of Your Number Man, the tables have turned on host Johan, as he’s put in the hot spot by his producer, Jenna Clemente. Jenna dives deep, asking Johan some of the burning questions he’s been dodging, exploring the essentials of profit maximisation, and discussing the highs and lows of owning a business. Johan shares his unique perspective on business strategies, financial efficiency, and the importance of passion and persistence in achieving success. Don’t miss this rare glimpse into Johan’s own entrepreneurial journey.

Soul-Driven Success with Kerry Cleopatra

Join us on this episode of Your Number Man for a lively and enlightening conversation with the ever-sparkling and elegant Kerry Cleopatra. Kerry is an entrepreneur who founded eKoo Body and Soul in 2007. She masterfully blends energy and organics to create artisan skincare oils and teas. Beyond her thriving business, Kerry is a coach, mentor, and healer who supports women in living soul-driven lives for success on their terms.

The Price of Success: Pricing Strategies for Profitable Business Growth

In this episode of Your Number Man, Johan takes a deep dive into pricing strategies and their important impact on business success. From the ancient art of bartering to the intricacies of modern-day pricing dynamics, Johan decodes the numbers behind the scenes, revealing how pricing strategies can make or break a business’s bottom line. Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur or just starting out, understanding the nuances of pricing is crucial for driving profitability and sustainable growth.

Donuts, Determination and Resilience with David Brown

Join Johan in this week’s captivating episode of Your Number Man podcast as he sits down with the remarkable David Brown, entrepreneur extraordinaire, NLP coach, and the brains behind Browns Barossa Donuts. From humble beginnings as neighbours to forging a strong friendship with Johan, David shares his inspiring journey of entrepreneurship, personal development, and triumphing over life’s obstacles with unwavering resilience and contagious optimism. With a background spanning radio hosting, NLP coaching, and the successful establishment of a thriving donut business, David’s story is a testament to the power of embracing one’s unique path with bravery and authenticity.

How to Track your Dollars & Data with your Cash Flow Statement and Balance Sheet!

In this episode, Johan flies solo, delving into the crucial aspects of cash management and the balance sheet. Get ready to explore the vital financial reports that form the backbone of any business, the balance sheet and cash flow statement. Just as a dashboard guides a driver on a journey, these financial reports steer a business towards success, ensuring that the king – CASH – thrives. With a mix of technical insights and practical wisdom, we’ll uncover the nuances of cash flow management, offering strategies to keep your business afloat and thriving.

Breaking Barriers and Unlocking Success with Doctor Zed

In this week’s episode, Your Number Man welcomes Dr. Scott Zarcinas, also known as Doctor Zed, founder of 818: Unlocking Your Life. Doctor Zed is an expert in guiding individuals toward personal and professional fulfilment.

The TRUTH about business with Rob Chisholm

In this ground-breaking episode, we welcome our very first guest, the esteemed Rob Chisholm, whose journey spanning over four decades is a testament to entrepreneurial triumphs and invaluable insights. His story, from the spark of entrepreneurship at 27 to the symphony of success across various ventures, is a beacon of inspiration. Johan and Rob first crossed paths in 2018, embarking on a transformative journey through the AMMP program by Polaris.

Maximising Gross Profit and Understanding Break-even for Business Sustainability

In this episode of Your Number Man, Johan breaks down essential business finance concepts into easily digestible insights. Join us as Johan explores the financial backbone of any successful business: gross profit and break-even analysis. Gain a deeper understanding of gross profit maximisation and break-even analysis as Johan shares a real-life situation that will help drive the importance of building sustainable gross profit.